Hello everyone!

I hope you are all having a great week. I don’t have much of an update today, but want to say thank you to everyone that has pre-ordered their copy of Chapter One so far.

I am once again going to post the details of the contests and draws for anyone who may have missed them. We have been getting some great entries so far!


Fan Art – draw your favourite Amya character(s) and send your entry along to admin@amyachronicles.com . The top two winners will both receive a free Amya comic signed by the crew.

If you send an entry please make sure you include your name, as well as any links to your personal portfolio or comic. At the end of chapter one we will be sharing some of the entries while we take a week and a half off to repair our buffer. We want to make sure you are credited and linked properly!

Caption Contest: There is no set page. Simply grab your favourite page and change up the text, add silly thought balloons for Faye ect… and send it back to admin@amyachronicles.com . The one that makes us laugh the most will also win a free, signed comic.

We are holding two draws. One will involve facebook, and the other twitter.

One comic will be given away to a random facebook fan – so if you haven’t already joined our page, now might be a good time!

Also, every time you retweet about the Amya comic updating, or use the #amya tag to share the comic with your friends on Twitter, your name will be added to our twitter draw!

So in all, we will be giving away five signed copies of the comic; so there’s a good chance you could snag one! Please send all submission by June 1st.

As always, thank you for all of your support and feedback.

All the best,