Hello everyone – I hope your weekend is off to a great start!

That man better be joking! Even with a low level of purity in the gold coins; that’s ton of money for sure! I think their eyes say it all. ;)

There have been a few difficulties over the last few days with our main homepage. In the process of upgrading the software everything became a little scrambled. On top of that, my name server went out of whack as well, and there were a few minutes where the comic was directing to the D&D site I host for my circle of players. If you tried to access the site today or yesterday and were caught up in that – I apologize!

Things are in the works in terms of merchandise for APE, which I should be attending alongside Cari from Toilet Genie. The Con is in October, and I’m trying to get a good start on preparations. I hope to have a visual update on some of the things I will be putting together in the next week or so.

I meant to have a little surprise put together for today, but the website has given me such a hassle, I never completed it! So next week, I promise!

As always, thanks for all your feedback and support,