Hello everyone,

Talk about your smokers…

It looks like September is finally upon us! It’s hard to believe that by the end of this month, Amya will have been running for a full year!

A big thanks to everyone for helping us pass the 300 fan mark on facebook; I think we are also nearing the 400 mark – amazing!

I am a little late updating tonight because I have a flu and am quite out of it. I am trying to upload a new vote incentive, but I am having a bit of difficulty getting into my account. I might have to leave it for now and set it up in the morning – but it will be a full resolution pinup of Faye done by Jonathan, a very talented artist. You can see it in his gallery here. You may also click on the preview to vote and access the full res image. If it’s not working at the time you vote; I apologize, but it means I don’t have it working yet an you’ll have to drop by later in the day. >.< There will be no update on the 8th as I will be in the middle of the woods fighting off bears. However there will be some guest art by Stephanie Stober, another brilliant artist. You should check out her comic, Final Arcanum.

As always, thank you for all your feedback and support.

Best wishes,