When does Amya update?
Amya updates every Wednesday and every other Saturday. Feel free to follow our RSS feed. We also notify our viewers of updates via Facebook and Twitter.

Do you intend to tell the story entirely from the main character(s) point of view, or will their be cut scenes?
You can definitely expect some cut scenes to come. Though, primarily the story will be told from the main character’s perspectives. The cut scenes may not be what you would expect.

Will we see any more of poor Miss Dessarah? Is she so totally fired? How dazzling are Gwen’s spices?
I am sure we will see her again; though, I highly doubt she is in a good position right now! Gwen’s cakes turned out to be the best spice cakes ever, twinkling with dazzling greatness. Though, everyone was weeping so much at the loss of Faye, they were not as appreciated as they should have been.

Faye: Have you always been mute? Or perhaps you deaf?
Faye: *scribble scribble* I have been mute since birth. Some rumors say that my father traded away my voice to a sorcerer before I was even born. On the other hand, my mother says it was such a pretty voice that the Gods decided to keep it. Either way, I suppose no one really knows what happened.

How many drafts or versions has the Amya story gone through?
The creation of Amya is actually ongoing. It is based off the logs from our D&D campaign so there are a few steps. 1. Fun – the playing and raw creation. 2. Revising, cutting, editing, rewriting. 3. Preliminaries 4. Final drafts. I find I can rewrite the script for one page numerous times. Even after the final illustration, I sometimes go back and change the script the day before it is posted! It’s all about getting it to that point where we are thrilled with how it portrays the scene.

What is the basic premise of the world?
On the continent of Amya, reason is advocated as the primary source and basis of authority. However, the fact that ‘magic’ spells exist is undeniable to everyone, even the simplest of people. Technology has advanced to the point where it’s not unusual – trains, simple pistols, and so forth.
Amya is a land without a central ruler. Numerous nations have sprung up and staked their own claim to the land; these nations are independent from their sources across the sea.
In short; the comic is set within an area where you can expect to see tension between borders as nations compete over land and resources. A land where the nature of science and magic enhance each other to a point; in order to improve efficiency.

Is Faye’s font so impossible to read on purpose? I love the comic but every time she writes I want to strangle her.
Certainly not! Unfortunately because of the resolution we save the comic at for the web, the font is not always as clear as it is in the print editions. However, we do always try to make the purpose of her writing clear by having another character relay the key points.

Feel free to send us more questions on the Formspring page. Every once and a while we will collect some to post here.