Destined, The Eternal
Greater Deity (Lawful Neutral)

Symbol: Stylized Hourglass
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Portfolio: Time, the future, destiny
Domains: Fate, Time, Law

Seraphine is a deity promoting no special agenda, except that you cannot change your fate. Widely known in Amya, Seraphine appears in artwork as a young girl with piercingly blue eyes, pale skin, and platinum hair. Her symbol is a stylized hourglass and her herald is a Kolyarut.

Most clerics of Seraphine are strictly lawful neutral, and never interfere with what is percieved as destiny. Even if a terrible disaster is foreseen to take place though divination; they would refuse to intervene, considering the future to already be written.

Seraphine appeals strongly to diviners and chronomancers, though she is respected by nearly all of Amya; for who is more important to revere than the deity of past and future? Her greatest number of worshipers reside in Perennion and Estul.

Seraphine’s temples are common in urban areas, though most villages have at least a small shrine. Most are equipped with facilities to accommodate pilgrimages, as well as decent historical libraries. Visitors are treated respectfully, but clergy will never truly show interest unless they have something to offer; a new account of a historical event, for example, or a thirst to find out about the future.