Perennion, the Machinist’s State.





Perennion is a region of the continent of Amya, a comparatively large area which is both one of the most heavily populated and filled with natural resources. There are diverse geographic features running across the region, from an immense mountain range by the border of Greater Amya to lush forests and blue lakes.

The region has numerous neighbours, being centrally located on the continent – Estul to the east, Nayron to the west, Greater Amya to the north and both the wild lands of Miresa and Ibica on its southern border. Perennion shares many traits with two of its neighbours in particular. The first one is Greater Amya, as the two share an intertwined, if somewhat frosty origin, while the second is Nayron, Lore’s Land. If Nayron is the place of study and academic research on the continent, Perennion is the place to go and see it actually applied.

To learn of Perennion’s beginnings we have to wind the clock back quite a ways, over a thousand years previous to the present day. At that time, the only people on the continent of Amya were the ancient Ibicans, until immigrants and refugees from Esticis across the sea swooped in and started a half-century of conflict and eventually a very uneasy agreement to land with the Ibican people.

When this conflict came to an end two factions arose as a result. Those with a more militant bent calling themselves the Amyans believed in their just ownership of the new land and a right to permanent settlement, led by Event Hagermoten. The Perennials believed the situation would not remain as it was forever, and eventually they would be able to return to Esticis, led by Adeline Setoret. Unable to reconcile peacefully, the Estician people were split for good – Hagermoten’s Amyan people migrated northwards to permanently settle, while Setoret’s Perennials remained in the mid-continent, content with keeping to themselves and not making any lasting plans.

As we all know, plans change.

The two factions would come into conflict once more farther into the future, when Greater Amya demanded the Perennians cede some of their land after the split of Caulmesti from Greater Amya, though the battles would not extend far past skirmishes and rare offensives.

Perennion’s current sovereign is King Dester Seton, first of his name, descendant of the Setorets, heir to Alba and the regent of the Machinist’s State, ruling from the city of Alba, home to both the country’s royal government and House of Lords. Lord Gregory Eolande is a member of the House and resident along with his family, Faye included. Other major cities in the region are Daneva, an important shipping town which Kaden hails from, Ordand by the border of Estul, and Deepwall, a choke point to the border of Greater Amya, the country that Perennion is on the shakiest terms with.

While not nearly as universally religious as the country of Estul, Seraphine is the most prominent deity in Perennion by far. Many of the deities in the Amyan pantheon are at the very least paid minor tribute, though, such as Jeroen the performer and trickster, Sekode the Gambler, and in waterside towns and cities Merielle, storm goddess and protector.

Speaking in game terms for a moment; the region of Perennion generally produces a number of people who are curious and inquisitive, perhaps to the point of recklessness. While the area produces all sorts of interesting characters, the most populous ones would be rogues, artificers and clerics of Seraphine. The country has a wide variety of terrain and locations suitable for setting an adventure, and was a good starting point for the campaign when Amya first began.