Hello Amya watchers!

It looks like Faye has a few magic tricks to show off as well. You’ll notice as the story progresses that Faye primarily focuses on illusion based magics.

On another note; we have printed the Amya bookmarks for chapter one, which are free. Since I do not have a camera right now, I have stolen the following picture from Laura Broenink, who is the creator of the web comic Running on Adrenaline. (She posted it on her Twitter :) )

Unfortunately, I will not be at any comic cons this year to hand them out. However, both Toilet Genie and Hard Graft will have them at their tables. There will also be some at Penguicon, on the Rampage Network table (Were you can support a bunch of other fine webcomics!) So feel free to stop by, support their work, and pick up a bookmark! I have had a few people request that I mail them. I am happy to do so if the mailing cost is covered with a donation. To mail an international over-sized envelope, it is $4 CAD (For USA residents, it is $2, and $1.22 for Canadians.) as long as the donation covers that amount, I will send five bookmarks.

Anyhow, I think that’s all the updates I have for now.

As always, thank you for all your terrific support.

Best regards,