Hello everyone!

It can’t just be sand… right?

Thanks for stopping by for today’s update! I don’t have much news because my brain has lapsed into a permanent state of daydreaming this week and I have gotten nothing done! However, I would just like to point out in one week from now, Amya will have been running for a full year! Perhaps I should bake a cake?

Just a reminder that we are having a little contest on facebook:
“I have added a ‘review’ tab on the Facebook page, and anyone who writes a review will be entered into a draw. There will be two prizes; a keychain and sticker set, and a keychain and pin set. It doesn’t even have to be a review in our favour, just an honest one! Your feedback could help someone decide whether or not they want to follow Amya.”

Thank you for all your feedback and support guys, I appreciate it.

Best wishes,