Hello everyone,

Happy Wednesday, I hope it’s been a good one!

I have been working on re-uploading the earlier pages; as when we started the comic they were saved at a lower resolution than the current strips. So far I have only reloaded the first 5 pages, but I will continue to work on it through the week.

There has been a thought twirling in my mind since I was at APE. Of the few hundred people I spoke with during the convention – two stand out to me. As Cari and I stood there, peddling our goods and signing copies for buyers they said these words to us. “I won’t buy it. It’s available online for free.”

Why should I buy a CD when an artist posts their music on Youtube? Why should I buy a book when I can read it at the Library? Why should I buy an apple when I can just pick one from a tree? Why should I buy a webcomic in print when it is shared online for free?

Don’t get me wrong – I have no quandary with people not buying the printed comic. But I can’t help think to myself – who on earth thinks it’s polite to stand before an artist and tell them their work isn’t worth the 14 cents they ask per page?

I met so many thoughtful and supportive people, I suppose those words just came as a bit of a shock to me. For my next convention, I will have to think of a good rhetorical question to ask them in reply.

I would like to pose this question to my readers… perhaps you have purchased a webcomic in print before; not necessarily Amya, but another comic you read. Why? Was it because you love the story? Did you want to support the makers? Is it just more convenient?

My webcomic collection is currently at 14 printed books; and I love it dearly. Since APE was the first convention I ever attended, the majority of these were purchased online. Have I purchased from all the webcomics I read? No – but never because I didn’t think it was worth my penny. It normally comes down to an issue of finance.

I would be interested to hear your thoughts on the matter.

Sorry if this came off rant like; it’s something that has been picking at me through the week.

Best wishes,