Hello everyone,

We have come to the end of Chapter Two. I do hope you enjoyed it!

The main website is almost up; but I need to reconfigure the design of the site a bit. It looks a bit mangled right now, so I am going to continue to redirect to our mirror. I have enabled guest commenting; even though it’s a bit risky after that last spam attack we had.

We are taking a 1.5 week hiatus to correct our buffer; but during this time I will be sharing guest art, as well as little sneak peeks at Chapter Three, so expect updates, even though they won’t be pages!

I have created a storenvy store to use while I continue to fiddle with the server, you can find it here: http://amya.storenvy.com/

A have gotten a few messages asking if we are going to hold a fanart contest for copies of Chapter Two, as we did for Chapter One. The answer is: not at this moment. I would like to, but at this particular point I am not sure when I will gather the funds to print the issue. Due to some unforeseen costs, my layoff is affecting me much more this year than last. My hope and plan is to have it printed by the end of April. I will likely open up preorders next month to try and get a bit of extra push on the project.

For now, Rebecca and I will be working hard on getting things ready for print!

I hope everyone is still enjoying the story, and will join us for Chapter Three. I assure you, it’s going to be grand!

All the best,