Hello everyone,

There will be an update today, as well as tomorrow this week.
Andrew and I have just returned from Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. We had an absolute blasted and are thankful to everyone who stopped by and made this one of our most successful conventions yet.

We had a chance to escape our booth for a few photo shoots with some of our idols such as Felicia Day and Michael Hogan, so it wasn’t all business.

I also had a chance to speak with some amazing comic creators such as Anthony of Kill Shakespeare, Alina of Weregeek, Rebecca of Little Vampires, Crystal of Earthsong, and many more. It’s always a joy to connect with other creators and hear the stories they have to tell about their passion for comic creation.

Our next convention will be Otakon, July 29 – 31st. I hope to see more of you out there!

Best wishes,


panel management