Hello everyone,

“Change needs to come about as a fire…”

I was going to do an Otakon recap today; but I seem to be having some computer trouble. Major computer trouble. As in none of my computers are currently working, so my time is very limited as I’ve been allowed 10 min on my father’s computer before he resumes important business stuff.

I really want to thank everyone who came out to see us though… Adam, Rich, Feathers, and many, many more. It was amazing meeting all of you! Quite a few of you asked for pictures of us, or with us – please share them if you can! (Since I have no computer to hook my camera up to :( ) admin@amyachronicles.com . We have some great memories of the convention, and hope to attend again next year.

I think my time is just about up, so I won’t prattle on. Enjoy the update, and I’ll see you all on Saturday!

Best wishes,