Hello everyone!

“Why do you smell like a hundred toilets?”

There are only three pages left in the chapter! After they are posted we will need to take a two week break before posting Chapter Five; but I promise we will be posting some beautiful art provided by a bunch of lovely creators to make sure you have something nice to look at.

A bit of news:

It was announced two days ago that we will be guests of honour at PortConMaine in Portland. Maine. It will be out first time in the area. I hope to see some of you there in June!

The Mix March Madness Webcomics Tournament has started their seeding round. Please vote for Amya to make sure we get in!

We have a few updates to our Patreon special. The final 3 pages of Chapter 4 are now available to anyone who has made a pledge of 1$ or above. You can find them here. We have posted the first six pages of Chapter 5 for anyone who has donated 5$ or above.

Thank you for all your lovely support, feedback, and conversations as usual!

Best wishes,