Hello everyone,


I have a bit of sudden news to deliver guys. We need to go on a short hiatus on April 3rd. It will likely last for a month. This is not due to my medical needs; but rather due to Rebecca’s. (We are just a ball of medical issues, us two!)

We will be posting the fan-art we gathered to use during my pending medical hiatus for Rebecca’s hiatus. Which means we will actually need more art to cover my approaching hiatus (Which won’t be for a few months yet.) So if you feel like drawing Amya characters all over the place, please do so!

Any updates triggered by the donation bar will be posted when we return from hiatus.

I hope you guys still love us despite this! I promise this isn’t one of those things where we say it will be a month, and then it ends up being forever.

If we can manage it, we might flip to doing some side stories for part of the month- there were a few scripts we were going to save for the print edition, but we can always come up with more.

Who would like a flashback to an event in Mr. Eolande’s past? (Ebas?) :)

Thank you for all of your support as usual!

In love,