Hello all,

Early update this week. I have a doctor’s appointment today and I don’t expected it to go well based on the nurse’s tone on the phone. I have a feeling I will be binging on ice cream tonight and episodes of ‘Orange is the New Black’, and the comic won’t even cross my mind. I thought it better to update early rather than disappointing everyone on Wednesday due to my own distractions. >.< I am a few days behind on e-mailing out donation wallpapers. I hope to catch up on Thursday, as I'll certainly be out of ice cream by then. That aside, I have news! This Friday is Andrew's birthday~! Make sure you wish him a good one! Love and best wishes, Savannah P.S: Random fact about me, when I was 16 I was hired by a security company to test prison security systems. I would have to climb every panel on the perimeter, and the like. It was basically my job to escape over and over again until they could stop me. So a drama about a woman's prison like 'Orange is the New Black' is totally my thing. XD