Hello everyone!


Sorry for the slight delay uploading the page. Better late than never though, right? :D

We are going to start posting the backlogged bonus pages, so I have an update schedule for this month. 1st – Regular Page, 2nd – Bonus Page, 5th – Bonus Page, 6th – Bonus Page, 7th – Regular Page, 8th- Early Page (As I will be unable to upload between the 11th-17th), 21st- Regular Page, 28th- Regular Page. So basically a lot of Amya, then no Amya, then a regular amount of Amya again.

We will be at Otakon next week, as of the 9th. Please come out and see us if you are in the area! I’ve made you a handy map that points out other Webcomics as well. :)

We hope to see you there! For now, have a most excellent day!


Best wishes,