Hello everyone,

Enjoy a bonus update today! I have decided to upload it for a few reasons. First, to celebrate the fact that we are more than 1/3rd of the way to our Kickstarter goal! Woot!

And second, to thank everyone who has been so dedicated about spreading the news about the campaign on their social media feeds. Today I left work in an ambulance, and it was a really terrifying experience. But don’t worry, I will be alright. Long story short, the inflammation from one of my conditions has spread to the cartilage and tissues around my heart. It sounds pretty scary, but it’s not a threat to my life. Basically what it means is a few times an hour, I experience the pain and symptoms of a heart attack, without actually having a heart attack. So it’s pretty much just more pain on top of the pain I have already been dealing with. They have me on a regimen which should clear up the inflammation around my heart in 7 days. Ick.

This does of course mean a hit to how much I can work this week, which equates to a loss of revenue, which equates to my marketing budget for the campaign suddenly being needed for living expenses. It’s a bit terrifying that we need to finish the remainder of the campaign on word of mouth alone- but after seeing the genuine enthusiasm floating out there about the kickstarter, I’m confident we can do it.

So I guess to sum it up, this post is about thanking you for giving me hope.

Best wishes,