Faye’s pretty new dress!

This will be the last main post of 2014. Next week we will begin the Faye short-story. I have been delaying going back to my doctor even though I desperately need to, because I know it means taking time off work to figure out my medications- which also means not having the funds for the project’s production. However, since we have the short-story from the kickstarter, this is the perfect time for us to build a buffer for 2015, so that I can take January off work to deal with some of these things.

We will continue to post the buffer to our Patreon page at the end of each month for those supporting the production financially.

Anyhow, thank you so much for your support as usual. I can’t thank you guys enough! I hope you are looking forward to the Faye story starting up next week!

Best wishes,