Hello everyone!

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Just a notice that Andrew and I will be at Ohayocon this weekend. It will be hard to miss us in the Artist Alley because we are right by the front doors! Though I must admit, the vehicle we are supposed to drive there has broken down. Fingers crossed we actually get it back tomorrow.

Patreon news: Pages 48 – 57 will be going up this weekend for anyone who has donated $1+. Please check out our Patreon Page! I’m still on medical leave and Andrew is now without employment, so we could seriously use even the smallest amount of help, and any donation will put you 15 pages ahead as of this weekend!

Kickstarter News: The book is FINALLY going to press next week. medical problems, car crashes and concussions, bank transfer issues, printer quote issues, loss of a close friend, editor issues, medication side effect issues, hackers taking down our site and flooding me with hate mail, even more issues I won’t list- I swear, it just seems life and the universe did not want to let me stick to my timeline, BUT IT IS FINALLY HAPPENING. As soon as I receive pictures that it has come true, you will find them posted all over.

Have a great day everyone!

Best wishes,