Change of plans! Noble told me to give you an extra comic page this week, so here it is!

Also, to respond to 90% of the comments from the last page- yes, it was an Owlbear! <3 Repeat news from Monday:

Early update this week; as I’ll be busy celebrating my son’s birthday on our usual update night.

If you’re looking for a reason to read through Amya again, last week I uploaded all the print edited pages to the website for chapters 1-4. I have to re-crop every page one at a time, so it was quite the task.

There have also been a few uploads for our Patreon patrons. Pages 57-61 have been posted, as well as a new wallpaper; both updates are available to anyone donating $1+.

Ongoing news:
Though my health has still not improved greatly, I have ended my medical leave and returned to work this week; I can’t afford to take any longer off (Especially now that Andrew is without work! The life drama never ends!).

In light of this, I have been able to reevaluate and lower the milestone goals on our Patreon. Two weekly updates is even more achievable now!

If you want to help us reach this goal, make sure you check out our Patreon page!

Enjoy the update, and keep being amazing!

Best wishes,