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This bonus update was sponsored by the Floral Frolic Kickstarter – a children’s book project that will inspire young readers to write their own words and draw their own pictures! The project is by Amanda and Cari who you may recall as the artists behind the Faye short story. Please check out their project!
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I was a bit surprised this month when I went to renew my medication, and found my prescription had been doubled, which will be a reoccurring cost. Due to my son’s various medical expenses, my budget is already pretty tight, and the only place I can really draw from is the money from my salary that would typically go towards Amya production costs. My hope is to raise the Patreon by an additional $187.50 to offset the difference, so that production of Chapter five and six does not have to slow down.

As an incentive to help, for every $40 we receive in pledges, an additional page will be posted, up to four additional pages. Every $1 helps if you can spare it– but if you can’t, I completely understand. You already show us a great deal of support simply by reading and commenting!

Thank you guys for being amazing as always!

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