Thank you to everyone who came out to see us at A-Kon. Aside from my purse being stolen, the trip went well and we actually made it to Texas this year! I loved meeting you all! I swear we have some of the best readers ever. <3

Andrew and I are taking our son camping this weekend, and then I have my dear friend’s funeral. I might be a bit hard to reach due to these reasons, but I’ll try to check in now and then.

Just a reminder about our call to action! We are $37 in pledges away from another bonus update!


I was a bit surprised this month when I went to renew my medication, and found my prescription had been doubled, which will be a reoccurring cost. Due to my son’s various medical expenses, my budget is already pretty tight, and the only place I can really draw from is the money from my salary that would typically go towards Amya production costs. My hope is to raise the Patreon by an additional $187.50 to offset the difference, so that production of Chapter five and six does not have to slow down.

As an incentive to help, for every $40 we receive in pledges, an additional page will be posted, up to four additional pages. Every $1 helps if you can spare it– but if you can’t, I completely understand. You already show us a great deal of support simply by reading and commenting!

Thank you guys for being amazing as always!

Best wishes,