Hello everyone,

As you can see I have been well enough to start production again, and we have been posting consistently this month. That is a trend I hope will continue. I am trying very hard to catch up on messages and emails. There have been a lot of inquiries about my health, but it is very hard to answer. Things have been better since my last surgery, but not great. I have been to the imaging department 27 times and undergone multiple surgeries, multiple other tests… and my health continues to be a burden. I have a very important biopsy next week that will hopefully provide more information. I guess what I mean to say is, it’s very hard to give an update to a question when I am still very much seeking answers myself. It is distressing to try and give hopeful, positive answers only to have my hope crushed with each episode. So this will likely be my last health update until something happens- positive or negative.

Despite this, Even though I have been unable to respond, I am glad for all of your concerns and well wishes, and hope. I have been unable to respond to it, as I am struggling with the trauma my health has caused me. I will speak more on it and respond when I am capable and ready.

For now, I just hope things continue to improve, and that you’ll bear with me while we regain footing on continuing the adventure of Amya.

Love and best wishes,