Hello everyone,

An early update this week. Mostly because my head has been clear for the last half hour, and I don’t know what the following days will bring.

Most of you likely already heard this via the post on Facebook or twitter, but Andrew and I were in a car accident. There were no major injuries, but I have been diagnosed with a concussion and deemed unfit for work. I am not allowed to pay attention to anything that makes me ‘think’ for more than a few minutes (My brain goes all foggy if I try, anyhow, I started typing this an hour ago, but need to keep walking away and coming back to it, and it isn’t even that much.)

This time off work has come as a surprise, and is poor timing as I already have to take January off for other medical reasons. This is going to put me in a very tough and stressful spot for covering the server and production costs this month, as I have no idea how long my doctor is going to keep me off work. If you are interested in helping save me from this stress, please consider checking out our patreon page, or making a one time donation on our paypal from our donation page.

As for kickstarter news, the PDF will be going out when I can function. I have two profiles to finalize and I just can’t get through it in this condition. I am so sorry. Andrew has Monday off, so I’m going to try and get him to help me then.

Thank you for your support as always guys. <3

– Savannah


Faye Short – Story By: Savannah Houston-McIntyre – Linework by: Amanda Coronado – Colours by: Cari Corene