Hello everyone,

I am sorry for the delay in getting this page up. My son Noble has been very ill, and I haven’t been very attentive to anything internet related.

I want to thank everyone who paid us a visit at Calgary and supported our work. We had an incredible turnout of dedicated fans, along with a good gathering of new readers. (Conventions are good for making minions?)

I apologize to those that meant to pick up their pre-orders at the show, but were locked out due to the fire marshal. There is no need to worry, I will still send out your pre-orders via the normal method, but I am sorry I will not get the chance to thank you in person this year.

On the last day of the convention, I received a call that Noble had been rushed to the hospital. West Jet did not have a flight home that I could switch to that morning. I was very distraught to be stranded so far away while Noble was suffering. So if you came to the table while I was having a meltdown, or were trampled down by me as I ran to the exhibitor cafe crying, I really am sorry. I don’t know how I would have survived if Cari and Andrew hadn’t of been there. I’m home now, however – though things are still going rough. Please excuse my delay in responding to e-mails and messages while I focus on Noble.

Though sick, he has been a very happy boy over the last two days, as the lovely Tara Strong recorded him a message in Twilight Sparkle’s voice that he has been listening to repeatedly. She also sent home a completed paper craft Owlicious (Airport security was very suspicious of it, and examined the poor owl three times). He watches My Little Pony every night before bed, and loves the character to bits- so it has given him something to smile about through the pain. We thought he was on the road to recovery, but tonight has been a really bad evening, so we shall see.

Thank you everyone for your patience and kindness over the last few days. I am incredibly thankful.

Best wishes,