Hello everyone,

“He gave everything for this family.”

News post is going to come this Saturday. My thoughts are trapped in book proofs and health things!

I have been getting many conventions requests over the last few weeks by e-mail, and though I’m extremely flattered I want to confirm what my plans are for this year.

The shows we will definitely be attending are:
April 6-9th Sakura-Con, Seattle
April 27-29th Calgary Expo, Calgary

Ones we are attending if all plans go well:
May 25-27th, Anime North, Toronto
July 27-29th, Otakon, Baltimore.

I really wish I could schedule more at this time; but I need to make this a lighter year due to my health. I have been warned I might have another surgery coming up, and am already being put into a physical therapy program to try and recover from some of the damage that’s been done.

Feel free to keep sending in requests for the fall months; if my condition improves, then we will look for one or two to attend. I definitely cannot take on anything more for the spring and summer however.

Assuming everything is well, I do plan to make next year a bigger convention tour! I would love to get out there and meet more of you fabulous readers. :)

Have a great week everyone!

Best wishes,