Hello everyone,

“That’s no light read…”

You may have noticed this page is five days early. I have a slew of medical and union appointments next week, so this is an early update, not an extra. There will be no update next week. (*Unless we reach the 75% mark on our fundraiser, than there will be a bonus update!)

Don’t you just love the detail in this page? I sure do!

A reminder that we are about to head into our final month of fundraising for the print run of Chapter Three. If you haven’t visited the campaign yet please do so! If you already have – please consider visiting it again and using the share tools to pass along the word. It’s the perfect time!

I am so incredibly thankful to everyone who has given us such great support so far. We have received donations from seven different countries, New Zealand, Australia, Poland, France, United Kingdom, USA, and Canada! It’s amazing how small the internet makes the world. Please don’t let your location hinder you from supporting, as we will ship international!

Have a great week everyone.

Best wishes,