February 1st update may be a few hours late! If you’re seeing this and it’s midnight, check back later! <3

Hello everyone!

“I suppose I already knew as much…”

Bonus update! Are you surprised? I am too! I was so focused on the Indiegogo campaign, I never considered someone would flick the extra update switch on our member’s donation page!

It might make this an interesting week; as we are currently one pre-order away from reaching 75% on the Indiegogo Campaign; at which point another bonus update will be scheduled. It is very likely we will hit that mark this week, and assuming we do, that update will be scheduled for Friday so things aren’t too clustered and confusing on your feeds. That will make this a S/W/F update week.

I am sorry I have not been responsive to comments on the last page; it was a very busy, stressful week. But I do hope to catch up later today. Thank you to those who went ahead and answered some questions on my behalf!

We are in the final month of fundraising for the print run of Chapter Three. If you haven’t visited the campaign yet please do so! If you already have – please consider visiting it again and using the share tools to pass along the word. It’s the perfect time! Every little bit helps, as I am so grateful for all of the support we have received both through financial contributions and encouraging comments.

Have a great day everyone!

Best wishes,