Hello everyone,

“That was not truly a request”

We have a bit of news. First- we hit our goal for the print-run of chapter three! I have attached a video of a rather socially awkward me thanking everyone. Because I don’t know how typing my thanks could be enough.

Second- as anyone who follows Rebecca’s DeviantArt account knows, she is getting married in April! This is super exciting and we couldn’t be more happy for her.

As per usual, we will have a short hiatus after Chapter three is completed, as we had to stop producing new pages while we focused on preflighting and artwork revisions for the print edition. Due to Rebecca’s wedding, this is going to be longer than usual.

However, instead of just doing guest art pieces for two months, Michael Sexton of Everblue will be joining our team to draw a short “background” focused comic that will be about five pages in length. So it will not be part of the ongoing storyline, but rather a look back at the past of an acquaintances/secondary character. Andrew and I are full of stories, and wonder which of the following you would be most interested in seeing:

Who’s back story would you prefer we focus on in an upcoming short?
 Gregory Eolande

Once again, thank you everyone for all of your feedback and support.

Best wishes,