Hello everyone,

“May I have a word?”

There is only one page left of chapter three- and as per usual it will be a splash! Can you guess what Faye’s note says?

Chapter four will be titled “The Capitol”, it will actually cover both Alba and Vicary; the capitols of Perennion and Estul.

I assure you there is a lot to look forward to. :D

A note that there is only 11 days left to get your pre-orders of Chapter Three in! I assure you the book is going to be nothing but awesome.

In other news; Lenna and Vincent have been pretty much tied through the poll; or if one pulled in front of the other it was by 1-3 votes, and didn’t last long before they tied again. We have decided to do both stories for this reason. We will be posting Vincent’s first, and then Lenna’s. Michael is already hard at work on the art!

Have a great day everyone!

Best wishes,