Hello everyone,

A few things to note:

1. TGT is having a podcast tournament. Feel free to vote for us!

2. We are over half way to unlocking the new Faye pinup. Continue to vote for us on InkOutbreak.

3. After many, many delays, we finally received the remainder of our Chapter Three Books at Otakon! Hurray! Some pre-orders have already been sent, others will continue to be sent over the next two weeks. I am not setting exact dates for this attempt, as when I get opportunities to pack books largely depends on my health and Nobles. (I actually had booked packing days off work for the dates they were originally supposed to arrive, which is why I had initially set the first schedules that fell through.) Since Otakon I have had to take a total of five days off work- not for packing, but for health concerns (Three days for Noble, two for me. >.< ) So it has been slow going. I will post a full update on the 22nd! Have a great week everyone! Best wishes, Savannah