Hello everyone,

What is with this crazy 3am update?

Well… while preparing for bed I was informed that a website (Which I will refrain from naming or linking, as I don’t want to send them any traffic), has been hosing Amya under their own brand and server. Though there is one link to our website on the comic profile, there is no credit to any creator.

That is not cool.

So this blog will be centred around Copyright Infringement, and Amya.

Amya is a registered copyright in Canada (No. 1085110), part of the writers guild, and can be found in the National Archives for reference of publication dates. However, we are also fan supported and creator distributed.

What exactly does this mean?

It means it is cool to download our work, e-mail it, or burn it to a CD and share it with your loved ones. It is cool to colour a page and show off your work (Giving Rebecca credit for the lines, of course). It is cool to do fanart, fanfic, or fanfic art – whatever your heart desires (We will love you forever!). It is cool to add us to any comic archival site that streams from our own RSS feed and links back to our work. It is cool to open a page in paint or photoshop and change the captions for comical effect. It is cool to post our work as reference in reviews and media articles. You are free to remix, share, and redistribute our work as long as we are always given credit and linked to properly and respectfully.

There is one thing that is not cool – and that’s downloading our pages and uploading them to your own server in an attempt to display, profit from, or attract viewership to your own domain in place of our own.

It is important that our readers are receiving updates and content from our main site or approved mirrors such as Smackjeeves. You might wonder how important this is- since we do not use traditional ads on our site to create revenue; to this day we run on donations (The PW ad only pays for the PW ads we run on other comic sites). Even so, it is still extremely important for us to have an accurate analytical reading of our viewership. Your pageview each week open up opportunities for us to attend conventions as guest, run panels about web-comics, and many, many other things. Though these things do not nessisarily have a monetary value attahed to them, they are extrememly important to the growth of Amya.

If you every want to add Amya to a comic archive, but are unsure if they will handle our content in a respectful manner – please contact us first! We are nice people, I assure you! We would be more than happy to help you evaluate the service before a decision is made. We love to hear from our readers!

As a thank you for reading this long, random blog entry – enjoy an extra update today.

Best wishes,