Scaring off a dragon is not so easy!


As promised, a bonus page for surpassing the 75% mark! Woo! Let’s keep going guys! We are almost at 80%, with four days to go!

Repost from Tuesday:

In case you missed the announcement, Rebecca, Andrew, and I will be guest in Montreal at Otakuthon this weekend. You can find us in the guest row at table 504. We’re right next to the lovely Shilin of Carciphona.

A very, very important reminder that we are now in out last week of Kickstarter fundraising. We have 6 days to make this happen, and 30% left to raise. If you cannot assist with a donation, please consider sharing the project with others on Facebook, Tumblr, or Twitter. We cannot justify a convention season next year without the book, and conventions have been the primary thing keeping me afloat financially through my medical ordeals. It will be a devastating blow if we can’t succeed; so trust me when I say that every single click and every single share of the project is making an impression and warming my heart. You guys have been so amazing, and I will never be able to thank you enough.

Keep being wonderful.

Best wishes,