Wow. Wow!

We did it guys! Not only did we manage it- but our first two stretch goals should be in the bag! Kickstarter has sent me a notice that some of the cards used to pledge were not able to be charged; but they have sent a reminder to those individuals to update their information. Hopefully everything will clear, and we can proceed with the second stretch goal.

I cannot thank everyone who partook in the Kickstarter enough. I received many e-mail and messages stating that there was difficulty¬†due to us being a Canadian kickstarter; it limited the payment options available to our international and US donors. I know it was chaotic having to buy gift cards, or whatever you ended up having to do to make it work – if it wasn’t for your efforts, we would not have succeeded.

As I am still receiving e-mails asking for other ways to pledge, I have opened up pre-orders on our storenvy, which allows payments through paypal. This option will only stay open for two weeks, for those who really could not find any other way to pledge. I did not want to offer this prior to the kickstarter’s end, in case we didn’t reach our goal- for obvious reasons. All pre-orders will go towards the final stretch goals.

If you are wanting to pledge through Storenvy, check it out here.

We have just returned from Otakuthon, which was about a 10 hour drive after stops- so I am pretty exhausted. I will be posting an update on the Kickstarter tomorrow morning with a schedule for the pre-print process.

Once again, thank you for everything!


Best wishes,